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Meet Michelle Marthinusen

Michelle has 15 years’ experience in teaching foundation and senior phase children. Four of those years were spent at a leading remedial school in Mpumalanga where she developed an interest in teaching methods for children with unique learning needs. As a senior phase Teacher in a private school, she taught Maths, English and Social Science.

Michelle was regularly approached by parents in desperate need of help for their children. Some of these children had mild learning difficulties, some more extreme but all were floundering in the classroom. The parents did not know who to turn to for help.

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The most frustrating aspect of being a Teacher is that teaching is not your primary focus. Bogged down with school administration, setting tests, marking work and managing sports teams and cultural activities means there is less time in your day to do what is really needed in the classroom, and that is fostering healthy self-esteem and helping children realise their full potential.

It weighs heavily on a Teacher knowing there are children in the classroom that are slipping through the cracks because of the size of the class and the pace at which we get through the curriculum. Not being able to make a meaningful difference in these children’s lives is deeply frustrating.

Meet Alexa Hoffman

Alexa has been working in the Early Childhood Education industry for the past 8 years. With experience in a variety of schools both in Mauritius and South Africa, Alexa discovered her passion for educating young children and never looked back. Coming out amongst the top of her class during her diploma through Curtain University, Alexa quickly discovered how to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired and adapt it to each individual child she encountered over the years.


Having worked in a top private school in Mauritius for two years as a teaching assistant, it became apparent that there was a need on the island for individual attention pertaining to students and their foundation reading skills.



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“There is something so unique and satisfying about bringing children to realize the potential that lies within them. Making just a small difference in the life of a child will affect them for the rest of their lives and inevitably shape the future of what we want the world to be like.”

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The Wise Eye Reading Programme has been developed by an optometrist to teach students to read, to assist poor readers to become good readers and good readers to become exceptional readers. . . . .
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