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A basic scholastic assessment is done if students have not previously been tested.

The Smart Junction Assessment includes the following:

Remedial Therapy:

Remedial therapy is a multidimensional approach intervention, tailor-made to a child’s precise needs. It makes use of written work, verbal work, one-on-one instruction, and computer-based programmes.

Remedial therapy focuses on skills and knowledge rather than on content. It addresses the problem area from where it originated and then re-establishes the basics to ensure the child overcomes the problem area and enjoys success.

Preparatory School Tuition:

Prep School tutors can assist with across the board tutoring.

The classroom environment restricts teachers to covering only current work planned for a specific lesson.  Some children need help with filling in any gaps in past knowledge.

Going over past work improves your children’s basic understanding, creating a better foundation for future learning. At the same time, it is use full to stay up to date with current work on a weekly basis to improve confidence and motivation.

High School Tuition:

What We Do
Our services include assessment, remedial therapy, preparatory school tuition and high school tuition . . . .
Wise Eye
The Wise Eye Reading Programme has been developed by an optometrist to teach students to read, to assist poor readers to become good readers and good readers to become exceptional readers. . . . .
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